Anticipation or Frustration……..

She’s frustrated. She definitely is a workhorse and wants to succeed. She is wondering why she hasn’t made a sale and it’s week two. Poor thing… not only shouldn’t she be so hard on herself, but she’ll be lucky to make a sale in month two! God, how can I tell her that selling this publication is like driving a stake through Jell-O? UGH! I tell her she’s way too hard on herself and she needs to give herself some time.

She doesn’t want us to think she’s not capable or a loser. Are you kidding me? If she’s going to judge her ability by selling this product that’s not well branded in a bad economy– well, I’ll get the rope for her now. Why waste time?


 Hockey pucks in AZ!

I guess at this point, what I can one wants to buy and I really don’t want to sell. That’s must love what you sell in order to sell it, you must be passionate about what your selling and you must understand it- inside and out…..that right ladies and gentlemen, that’s the key to success and you heard it here, for the 1 trillionth time!!

My first sales job in life was actually selling ice hockey pucks in that my friend is hard. I did very well; however, selling a glossy ad for a glossy magazine in CT…IMPOSSIBLE…lol:)  I was resorting to begging and pleading-this is a nightmare and I am fully engulfed now. Must get a sale, must get a sale, must get at least one!

It starts to make people crazy, the more pressure you put on the sale-the harder it is to obtain. How great, Murphy’s Law is kicking in! I felt like I needed to swoop to more drastic levels, but what was that..extortion maybe..ummm, NO…can’t go to jail for this. I know …just have a good dinner and stop thinking about it, get up tomorrow and have a brand new day!


How To Blow Your Chances of Getting An Interview

How To Blow Your Chances of Getting An Interview

In today’s economy, it’s possible that you are blasting out resumes as fast as you can saying “I need a job.” I had the great fortune of contacting someone who sent me a resume’ for a sales position and it was clear that he neither remembered what job he had applied for and quite frankly, didn’t seem to care. The conversation fell into the category of “unbelievable” and it took every ounce of will power to stay on the phone. After all, I had a long day and I didn’t have time for this garbage.
I figure we can all learn from these blunders.  Below are some examples of what NOT to do when a prospective employer calls you.
Don’t act annoyed when you don’t know who the person is on the other line. Chances are when someone gives you their name and the company they’re are from — you’ve sent in a resume. Duh…
Don’t come off as if you have absolutely no idea what company is calling. Even if you have applied for 1,000 jobs, find a way to remember where you’ve sent your resume. Duh …

Don’t say, “Yeah” when you finally hear or understand the company name. Shouldn’t you maybe thank the person for calling or go into some questions about the job? Perhaps try to get an interview? Duh …

Don’t abruptly and arrogantly ask, “So, tell me what this job is all about.” Did you read the job description? If you have any related experience (which you obviously would if you are getting a call) you should at least be able to ask a more intelligent question. Duh …

Don’t say, “So tell me what ABC company is again.” Are you kidding me? You applied to a job and you don’t know what the company does?  Duh …

Don’t ask, “So if I looked on the website, what would I see? Wow. I’m speechless Duh …

Don’t tell the caller that their position is “a dime a dozen” and “I can sell anything.” Well Bucko, you sure as heck haven’t sold yourself.

Seriously, when you are looking for a job, do the research even before you apply. Make notes about key things that relate to your background, experience and interests. Read the annual report, about us and staff bios. You never know if you know someone through six degrees of separation or could tie a fact in about the annual report during that initial conversation. That may be all you need to land an interview.

Somewhere, keep a list handy of all the postions you have applied to and a copy of the cover letter. Lastly, only answer the phone if you are in the mood and in an appropriate place to talk. If not, it’s okay to let it go to voice mail. Having a conversation when you are not ready and you only have one chance to make a good impression could rob you of that one chance to get an interview.  Plus, it’s a small world. I will surely remember this gentleman’s name as one person to never consider hiring.


Considering the above advice, all seems good to me. 

However, just a side note- Does anyone really want to work, really? Or is it possible we all have to work in order to pay for things like bills, taxes, daycare, food, clothing, household items, and many more things.

I personally think if we all had enough money to support our lifestyles and did not have to do anything for it, things would be different. But because that is the way we live here on earth and we are all not financially set for life..we must get a job and we must pay our bills. So no matter how much it kills you when searching for a job-keep in mind the above points that Seltzer made!

Please note if by chance you do hit the almighty Powerball, then immediately call me:)



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