Here’s to 2010!

So the clock is ticking and everyone is happy 2010 is coming to an end. While 2009 was a supremely crappy year for a lot of folks, I must admit that I can’t complain. Before you try to jump through the computer to strangle me for being so positive, let me reflect and maybe you can relate to my experience:

  • I don’t miss any of the things I stopped spending my money on.
  • The brutal economy and difficulty selling anything has made me realize that the only thing keeping me in sales was the money.
  • My frustration led to me leaving one job, where I was letting myself be completely taken advantage of, to being on the verge of doing what makes me happy.
  • And then there are the basics: I’m healthy, have a roof over my head, plenty to eat and lack for nothing.

Does any of this sound familiar? Maybe if we all started to appreciate things more, we would have nothing to bitch about. But then what would we do?

That brings me to the next big revelation from 2009. Most people I know, instead of being afraid to lose their jobs and sucking up incessantly to their bosses, are realizing they HATE what they do and they are thinking about creating their next “it.” What if we all resolved to do what we want in the New Year regardless of the consequence?  Most people would quit work and enjoy themselves – doing all the things they are too busy to accomplish. It would be like social networking on steroids. “Ugh, what did you accomplish today?” … “Well, I visited with a few friends over lunch and we laughed A LOT! Then, I went shoe shopping and talked on the phone to my mom for about an hour. I ran some errands and came home to cook dinner for my husband/wife/boyfriend/girlfriend (take your pick). And then we drank and had sex.” Wait a minute, I think I just described at Sex and the City episode. Yes, it’s final. We should all do just whatever the hell we want in 2010. LOL and don’t drink and drive!


Well, well, well….it is finally the countdown to the next decade! It’s about time:)

I am definitely one of those people who makes a LOT of promises for the upcoming year and barely delivers. I rack my brain about things I should have done the year before and think to myself…I will just add them to this year! How about I stop fooling myself into thinking I am actually going to do all those things. So I have decided the following things I will NOT do for the next year and who knows…Murphy’s law may just kick in….These are not in any particular order keep in mind:

1. I will not eat right..I will eat wrong and love every minute of it. You only go around once, so why not have a happy stomach instead of a lean fit angry one!

2. I will NOT lose any weight, in fact I will gain about 500 lbs…I am keeping the number high, so next year I will be pleasantly surprised if I only gain a 100…LOL!

3. I will not give up anything, except worrying about the things I am not giving up~

4. I will continue to crank call all of my friends, even though there is such a thing as caller id now:)

5. I will not fold one piece of laundry or better yet, I won’t even do laundry~Have no fear you will smell my family coming from a mile away!

6. I will continue to make all my friends laugh at ridiculous things and I will never let them forget when they have done something stupid…ummm that is the funny part!

7. I will continue to break out in song in the supermarket, even though the looks have really gotten out of hand. Besides people need to laugh and I need to sing~ I would have tried out for American Idol, but I am out of the age range…so Super Stop & Shop customers you get me and I am not quitting:)

8. I will not quit drinking or smoking on occasion..I love it!

9. I will try a lot of different new things this next year and I will stay completely unorganized while doing it. I will let about 1000 new people in and I am sure only about 3 will stay!

10. Last but not least…I will enjoy every second I have whether it be bills, taxes, household obligations, companies, start-ups, computer viruses, boys and more boys, arguments, laughter, friends, family, crisis, school, jobs, contacts, arguments, fights, small problems, big problems, daily routines, seasons, mornings, not enough sleep, sickness, wellness, vacations, ….you get the idea…I will enjoy every second because then again I am still here and that is most important…Happy New 2010 Year;)”