A day of “call” training~

So she needs a little confidence booster … some direction . . . training???? I’m not quite sure. She is a sharp woman and for goodness sake, she has worked with really high-level people and has done some seriously creative stuff. Why would she need help with this? She’s way over qualified to need help. Okay, I’ll sit with her and we’ll go through her activity, review for areas to improve upon, determine next steps and make some calls. Once you get the system down, it then becomes a formula you apply and Shazam – it starts to work. 

So I get to her house and I end up making her sales calls. I notice her hesitation and asked her if she wanted me to do one. We were like two teenagers making crank calls. Giggling and all wide-eyed when someone I asked for was actually there. I was pretending to be her and you should have seen her face. It was like getting your neighbor’s mother on the phone and they say, “yes” after you ask if their refrigerator is running.

No appointments, but that’s okay. We start to talk about her experiences in the entertainment business and all of the crazy people she met. Well, they weren’t crazy, just characters out of a movie. We start to tell each other things that you wouldn’t normally tell someone you’ve only known for two weeks, but that tells you something. It didn’t feel like two weeks – more like two decades.

We proceed to spend an hour telling each other about different times we have basically lost control of our bodily functions. Now would this be normal discussion for two grown women who are supposed to be, uh … working? Would this talk be something that anyone would admit? Would anyone else even think this was funny? We thought it was hysterical. So friggin’ hysterical that we couldn’t breath. I was in a state of awe. This just couldn’t be real.

What was real was our mundane sales calls for something that suddenly seemed so small. We called it a day and I wasn’t sure we got much accomplished, but I sure laughed my a** off. ~Seltzer

She is coming here!

Oh God, I just got off the phone and she wants to come here and listen to me call my contacts, are you kidding. I don’t want to do this-but she is on her way. 

First thought, I can wear my Uggs, second thought I can dress comfortable. Why do we need to dress up? Yeah, yeah-I get impressions, but after all if you talk stupid and you are wearing nice clothes..you are still stupid, right?  I better get ready.

In she comes, talking on her Bluetooth and making deals. This is starting to bug me, I have no one to talk to and I am not making deals. LOL!

We sit in my office, I have several things in here and it’s kind of messy. She asks for my contact list. Here it is, she looks and then says, “OK great start calling and I will listen!” Oh no, this is so embarrassing-call to say what-“would you like to purchase some advertising, I came into the store the other day, don’t you remember I am the one who stood there motionless and wanted to die?” LOL~ I tell her, I am not sure what to say, so can she call and pretend she is me, so I can listen to her to get the idea? She agrees.

As I sit and listen to her make the calls, I am astonished by how good she actually is! This is crazy, she was meant for this. She is so nice and polite and just keeps right on talking. She hands the phone to me. I make one call stumble and hang up. This job is not for me; I would be better suited for a grocery clerk (well maybe not that either)!

I have to think on my feet, I quickly change the subject and we start talking about weird things that have happened to us in the past. We are actually laughing together. I look over at her and think…would I be friends with her had it not been for this? Conversation completely changed and I am fine with it, plus my sides are busting open from laughing:) OK… I may like her, but this JOB has got to go!


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The Phone Call

When she picked up, she sounded kind of … anxious, but after a few words, not crazy. Maybe she ran to the phone or had to frantically find it in a pile of something. I asked her to tell me a little bit about her background and realized quickly that she was genuine and did leave the insurance industry to pursue her dream. Nice.

She rambled a bit, but nothing major. She was totally real. As I look at my notes on the resume, I see things like “not risk averse” (well, thank God because she can’t be with this company) “pitched toughies” (is that like big men wearing a snuggie?) “What u see is what u get” (yes, with the “u”s and I think she actually said that.) “needs action/passionate/creative”

If she wasn’t already hitting my hot buttons, she talked genuinely (there’s that word again) about how much her and her friends loved our product. I needed that more than anything. I loved our product too, but when you’re out on the streets, sometimes you wonder…

I told her I would call her back, but I knew we were going to interview her. I just had to give the report to El Jefe.


Set up a Phone Interview

 After a couple emails back and forth…she set up a phone interview. Ohhh goddd, that means I have to get my 4 yr old out of the house and get a babysitter, because I am actually going to act professional and this would not happen with him around. Oh I could just see it now, “Mama, put on Dora, Mama I have to poop, Mama…”  I have to get rid of him and quick.

 The call was for 11:00am.I quickly drove him to my in-laws in Southington (25 mins away) and returned at exactly 10:59. My husband texted me “good luck” and I waited for the phone to ring.

 As I waited, I Googled her name and saw her picture. This wasn’t going to be as easy. She looked like someone who should work in the Whitehouse and strict and mean! Just then the phone rang…friendly voice, but all business.

 I was off guard; I was staring at her picture on the computer but not associating the voice. I was rambling trying my hardest to convince her I could sell anything. I loved her company, which was true, but definitely not as much as I lead on. HELLO…I am trying to get a job!

 Finally the conversation was coming to an end (thank god) and she said she would call me back. Phew, it was over and I could go back to doing what I do, eating. Popped in an éclair and headed to pick up my son in Southington.