Saved by the Swine Flu

My son is sick and he has to stay home…not good! He should be in pre-school and God knows I need a break, but the poor little (not so little) thing is a mess and my husband is out-of-town on business. It is just me!

I e-mail everyone to let them know I will not be able to go out on any sales calls…PHEW!!! Actually, I am so happy-I mean what can they say. Nothing and I am his mom. However, if you knew him you might agree that it would be easier to go out on sales calls and get rejected than stay in the house with a cranky sick 4-year-old who insists on playing Star Wars Wii for hours on end.

I don’t hear from them at all, I start to get worried. This is it; I am going to be fired. Still nothing, so I send another e-mail asking if there is anything I can do for them from home? Still no response, OMG I am being fired or I’m really paranoid! I send her an e-mail and ask, “What’s going on? I feel really bad that I can’t work. Are you mad at me?” She replies, “No silly!  You and your son are sick, so I was just leaving you alone.” Oh, Oh, well I feel much better. She tells me that I can work on our Constant Contact database and sends me her contacts and also ask me to get some followers on our Twitter account.  So off I go into viral web space..ohhh ummm!!! Much better than heading out on the road.



Sickness has run through her household and her little Gambino has the swine. I know she feels bad because she is very conscientious and wants to work, but what the heck can you do? I remember feeling that pressure being a single mother “I don’t have time to be sick” or “Crap! My baby’s sick!” What a horrible way to have to live. Plus, it’s a nice break from the horror of selling this product!!! I call to check in on her and now she is sick and very, very upset. She feels like she is going to DIE – yes, DIE — and her husband is out-of-town. Oh no. Her husband is a huge help with the kids. This couldn’t have happened at a worse time. PLUS, her mom is in the hospital with high blood pressure. Is this for real??? I don’t know whether to laugh or feel bad. (I better not laugh. She’ll never talk to me again.) I am just going to leave her alone.

Then I get the e-mail “Are you mad at me?” Oh … I feel really badly. No. Of course I’m not mad at her. I actually don’t want her to have a nervous break down – it’s not worth it. What she’s probably sensing more is the uneasiness I feel in trying to help her do well when I don’t even have confidence in this god-forsaken product. Well, let me qualify that: I have confidence, but no one else seems to. I work my tail off, prepare, prospect, question, present, propose, close — and NOTHING! Now, I start to feel sick to my stomach and wonder what is really going on with me.