The 180!

Well by now we just want to hang out together and get our own thing going. So I have this PR thing that I should be at and I invite her along. Plus, we need to start sniffing around for business.

I get a call halfway through that an afternoon sales call I had was cancelled. YES! It wasn’t going to be a sale for this edition anyway, so that means it’s lunchtime. We’re really good at lunch.

We practically run out of the venue to a diner. I’m so happy that we just get to sit and talk about OUR stuff. We get our meals and share fries, which I know neither of us really wants to do, but the waitress won’t bring me an order of my own (uh, are ya trying to tell me something Flo?)

 The reality is that she needs to figure out what she is going to do. She really hates this job and I can’t blame her. We’re back to square one. You either quit or try to like it until we can get you doing something else at the company or until we just cut loose.

It starts. The laughing begins because here we are again. How many people try this hard to stay in a nightmare job that they really don’t need (that would be her.) After all I found out, she just wanted a big screen TV!

We determine that I will talk to El Grosso next week so we can get her through the weekend if she just puts together the week-end “list” that details “rate pitched” and “% to close.” Are you f’in kidding me? % to close? It even sounds cheesy. We laugh hysterically as she starts saying, “Zero, zero, zero, ah, that would be zero.” It’s not funny and we really don’t mean to laugh, but it’s true! It’s going to be zero for most people because it’s been a BI*** to sell!!! And then she starts saying that we are Pinocchio again. I know I have a big nose, but hey, we ain’t no Pinocchio.

I try to tell her that I feel badly because there is no way I can set her up for success in this business. She somehow finds that funny so here we go again. Heads start turning, we can’t breath and all is good.

She’s going to write that damn list. After all, I’m doing everything in my power and am slowly becoming powerless to keep her on. She agrees, we talk a little more in her car and off we go.

Later that night, he calls and wants to have a heart-to-heart with her. ~Seltzer

Support our Troops~ 

I was invited to go to the “Stuff a Trailer” event, which is in honor of a marine who lost his life. His parents started this after he had called and requested the mom send 40 bed sheets for all his bunk mates instead of just one for him. An amazing family, who lost their son and are now giving back to the troops. In times like these, you quickly remember how thankful you are for your family and our troops supporting the country.

I have never been a “biker” girl, but I try to act like one if need be. This day was filled with generous people who were stopping by to stuff the trailer with items. As I wondered around, I thought to myself…I would have never been here had I not met Seltzer and right now I am thankful.

The day was a big success and she apparently was then taking me to a sales meeting. OH BORE…However, she just found out the woman had to cancel-so off to lunch. I followed her in my car down these long windy roads with only farms in view, wondering, “Where the hell are we going to eat?” Have you noticed a pattern, it’s all about the food:)

Finally she pulled into a diner, we ordered and our conversation went quickly to how the heck do I get out of this mess. I am really feeling pulled, I certainly don’t want to take money from someone when I am doing nothing for them, but it is Christmas-I have morals and ethics, but let’s be serious in this economy are you kidding. If only I could have sold one ad, that would have been perfect. Seltzer gives me my options again and again, but I don’t like them and I am starting to feel weird about the whole situation. I feel alone, yes-I am glad I met her, but now it seems like a mess.

 I have to hand in my sales sheet and all it will say is zero, zero, zero. OHHH GODD!! I am turning into Pinocchio and there is no stopping me. What am I supposed to do? I keep looking to her to give me the answer, knowing full well I have the answer. LET THIS JOB GO!

 We finish and head out; I guess tomorrow I will send my sheet with all the ZERO’S! Nothing accomplished but a full stomach…~PINK