Anticipation or Frustration……..

She’s frustrated. She definitely is a workhorse and wants to succeed. She is wondering why she hasn’t made a sale and it’s week two. Poor thing… not only shouldn’t she be so hard on herself, but she’ll be lucky to make a sale in month two! God, how can I tell her that selling this publication is like driving a stake through Jell-O? UGH! I tell her she’s way too hard on herself and she needs to give herself some time.

She doesn’t want us to think she’s not capable or a loser. Are you kidding me? If she’s going to judge her ability by selling this product that’s not well branded in a bad economy– well, I’ll get the rope for her now. Why waste time?


 Hockey pucks in AZ!

I guess at this point, what I can one wants to buy and I really don’t want to sell. That’s must love what you sell in order to sell it, you must be passionate about what your selling and you must understand it- inside and out…..that right ladies and gentlemen, that’s the key to success and you heard it here, for the 1 trillionth time!!

My first sales job in life was actually selling ice hockey pucks in that my friend is hard. I did very well; however, selling a glossy ad for a glossy magazine in CT…IMPOSSIBLE…lol:)  I was resorting to begging and pleading-this is a nightmare and I am fully engulfed now. Must get a sale, must get a sale, must get at least one!

It starts to make people crazy, the more pressure you put on the sale-the harder it is to obtain. How great, Murphy’s Law is kicking in! I felt like I needed to swoop to more drastic levels, but what was that..extortion maybe..ummm, NO…can’t go to jail for this. I know …just have a good dinner and stop thinking about it, get up tomorrow and have a brand new day!


Pounding the pavement alone….

OK…well I have convinced her I can go out on my own. How hard could it be, go in drop of some paperwork, introduce myself, get acquainted with the store-cake!

Get dressed and get all my forms organized. Check in the mirror-I look great and I head out the door. First stop, someone I know.

Well, he is not there. Leave a bunch of stuff, get their business card, give them mine and tell them I will be in touch. Head to my car-write down the info & smoke. Not so bad, only 300 more to go.

Next stop, walk in ask to speak with the person in charge of marketing and advertising and then gentlemen if we can call him that) just says NO. I am sorry what do you mean by NO; he states it again-NO. I am about to start punching this guy, holding it all in I reply. “No, he is not here or No I cannot speak to him?”

The guy just starts yelling for me to leave-obviously someone has had a bad day and if I wasn’t holding my business cards. I think I would have pounded him. Literally. I leave and think-the economy shomony people have gotten rude in this day and age and where the hell did customer service go?

In my car, I pull away and drive in circles through town wondering what to do and where to go? I finally pull in to a kid’s place, which I think should be a lot smoother then where I just left, good lord!

I walk up with all my forms and paperwork and ask the same question “I was just wondering if I could talk with the person who is in charge and leave off some information?”  Her response “there not here”, my response “well who are they and do they have a name?” No, she says and takes the stuff-“I will give it to them”

I leave immediately and head home-this job sucks and I am not a loser although I play one when doing sales. LOL Nightmare of a day-


Her First Day Alone~

Oh, it was her first day alone! It’s like gently nudging the little one out of the nest to fly on their own.  I was confident that with her training, genuine easy-going nature and contacts in town, she would have a GREAT day. It’s not like I expected the poor soul to sell anything, but she just might hit it out of the park. God, if she did, I would look really, really bad. Oh well, then I would know if I just sucked with this type of media or if it really was the economy, the rates, the product (and it goes on and on and on and on.)

Plus, I had a lot to do so I was glad to have the free time.

I decided to check in and was excited to hear that she had a great day. She picked up the phone and I remember something like screaming.

Her: “Oh my God! It was awful, just awful! All I could think was I am going to quit!”

Me: (inside, “ok. I better fix this.”) outside: “What do you mean? What happened!”?

People were actually rude to her and some would not even give her the name of who was in charge of the advertising. My first thought was, “Ugh, that a**hole told her to ask that stupid cheesy question that NO ONE answers today!” Regardless, only she could have had such a horrendous day. I mean very, very few women get “thrown out.” And she’s so NICE. This makes absolutely no sense. I can’t BELIEVE it.

She did however turn the frustration and screaming into what one might call an assertive sales tactic. She contacted a friend who was on the board of one of the places where the woman was rude to her. (I later found out the woman also whipped something across the room to express her frustration with a customer call. Clearly, “my girl” was not the problem here!) She DEMANDED a meeting with the people in charge to get her an ad. Damn.  She’s going to sell an ad if she kills someone to do it.

Oh, I hope her next day is better.


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The offer~

All I can say, it was easy – wayyyyyy too easy.  I should have known that this was not going to be a usual – anything. We had interviewed people and offered jobs to a handful. Everyone was freaked out about making money. And I get it. “We’re not here to make friends. We’re here to make money.” (I have to be a little pissed at someone to say this, but the truth hurts.) So, when I offered her the small weekly salary and higher commission, she said, “Okay, I’ll take it.” There was not even a hesitation. I know she came from money. Maybe she doesn’t need the money– God, she’s perfect!

We set up our training time and I prepared to overwhelm her with information. Ahhh, you gotta love the sales training process!


Flat screen

She called, offered me the job, I accepted and would start on Monday! The problem was I didn’t even really understand the position; I wanted a job for extra cash, besides Christmas was coming.

I called everyone I know and made the position sound much grander then it actually was, but for now I would have some extra cash and I had solved one of my problemos!


The Leaf-We actually meet!

We meet at Starbucks where we have all our interviews. Is that weird? I don’t know. That’s just what happens when you build a business without bricks and mortar. She comes in on time and looked just fine. I’ve never been one to scrutinize what people wear. I want people to look presentable – that’s all. I love it when they jazz it up a little too. I mean, really, who the hell wears gray suits and pearls on a normal day?

As we began to talk, I noticed she had a tiny, little yellow elm leaf resting gently between her headband and forehead. (I actually just Googled leaves – my husband knows them by heart and the proper scientific classification). So the internal dialogue begins. Should I tell her? Should I move it? Would my boss say anything (would he even frickin’ notice? God I hope he doesn’t fart in this interview – I digress.) Would she feel funny when I pointed it out and then get nervous? I just decided that what she didn’t know wouldn’t hurt her and she deserved a stress-free interview.

Things went fine. She was just as genuine as she was on the phone and my boss went through his usual bullshit spiel that I bought into, and she left.


The Ultimate Interview

This is a nightmare; meet them at Starbucks, get dressed up, and fear my friends walking in-I was on the verge of throwing up. Family calling and saying things like “good luck and if it doesn’t work out it wasn’t for you” “what are you wearing, you have to look professional?”Oh everyone, just let me be, I am not even dressed yet!

I fly down to the center, park and realize I do not have change. Who cares at this point, let them tow the car it will give me something to do for the afternoon. LOL.

I go in and there she is with him, the ceo. He is very preppy and has a monotone voice, she is bubbly and outgoing. She is very business like but her voice was now matching her appearance. He is talking and I keep thinking, “This is a Seinfeld episode with a low talker.” He loves himself, his company, everything he has ever done and more.

“What do you think you could bring to this company?” the dreaded question. I push it into over drive. “I am a very hard worker, I love going around town and meeting new people, I find that helping people with their business is so fulfilling,blah, blah, blah!

 It was over, I thanked them and left.


The Phone Call

When she picked up, she sounded kind of … anxious, but after a few words, not crazy. Maybe she ran to the phone or had to frantically find it in a pile of something. I asked her to tell me a little bit about her background and realized quickly that she was genuine and did leave the insurance industry to pursue her dream. Nice.

She rambled a bit, but nothing major. She was totally real. As I look at my notes on the resume, I see things like “not risk averse” (well, thank God because she can’t be with this company) “pitched toughies” (is that like big men wearing a snuggie?) “What u see is what u get” (yes, with the “u”s and I think she actually said that.) “needs action/passionate/creative”

If she wasn’t already hitting my hot buttons, she talked genuinely (there’s that word again) about how much her and her friends loved our product. I needed that more than anything. I loved our product too, but when you’re out on the streets, sometimes you wonder…

I told her I would call her back, but I knew we were going to interview her. I just had to give the report to El Jefe.


Set up a Phone Interview

 After a couple emails back and forth…she set up a phone interview. Ohhh goddd, that means I have to get my 4 yr old out of the house and get a babysitter, because I am actually going to act professional and this would not happen with him around. Oh I could just see it now, “Mama, put on Dora, Mama I have to poop, Mama…”  I have to get rid of him and quick.

 The call was for 11:00am.I quickly drove him to my in-laws in Southington (25 mins away) and returned at exactly 10:59. My husband texted me “good luck” and I waited for the phone to ring.

 As I waited, I Googled her name and saw her picture. This wasn’t going to be as easy. She looked like someone who should work in the Whitehouse and strict and mean! Just then the phone rang…friendly voice, but all business.

 I was off guard; I was staring at her picture on the computer but not associating the voice. I was rambling trying my hardest to convince her I could sell anything. I loved her company, which was true, but definitely not as much as I lead on. HELLO…I am trying to get a job!

 Finally the conversation was coming to an end (thank god) and she said she would call me back. Phew, it was over and I could go back to doing what I do, eating. Popped in an éclair and headed to pick up my son in Southington.